APT James

APT James

Introducing the APT James, the  newest addition to the passenger ferry fleet on the inter-island sea-bridge.

This new passenger vessel successfully completed its maiden voyage and was officially commissioned on Thursday 21st January 2021.  The vessel soon joined the inter-island ferry service and completed its first commercial voyage on Monday 1st February, 2021.

The APT James is a 94-metre aluminium high speed catamaran which was custom designed and built for the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and features:

  • Austal’s latest smart ship technology including an advanced Motion Control System to deliver a more comfortable and stable ride for  passengers and crew
  • Capacity for 926 passengers and 250 cars,
  • Travelling at speeds up to 37.5 knots,

The APT James is a welcomed addition which is promises to provide many years of reliable and safe transportation for the people of Trinidad, Tobago and visitors alike.