Can I make a reservation via telephone?

Unfortunately, this facility is not available.

Can I travel by plane and send my vehicle by ferry?

This service is not available on the passenger vessels. This service is only available on the cargo vessel – Cabo Star. The cost one-way to transport a car to or from Tobago without an accompanying driver on the Cabo Star is TT$150.00 and return cost is TT$300.00.

Is it possible to travel to Tobago/Trinidad and spend only one day?

The earliest sailing from Scarborough is 6:30 a.m. and from POS is 8:00am (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays) and the last passenger vessels depart at 4:00 p.m. from both destinations. Except on Wednesdays when there is one passenger vessel in operation, departing Scarborough at 6:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. from POS.

If I do not use my ticket, can I transfer it to someone else?

No, tickets are non-transferable.

Can I change my ticket for a future date?

  • Tickets purchased at authorized Travel Agencies and at the Port are valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase, so they can be revalidated once for travel within that year.
  • Tickets purchased online are valid only for the date of sailing and cannot be revalidated (changed).

Can I get a refund for my unused ticket?

  • Unused ferry tickets can be submitted for a refund once the ticket was not revalidated (changed) or expired (expiry date stated on ticket).
  • Refund of tickets can be done at both the Port of Spain and Tobago Terminal offices and will incur a 25% service charge.
  • Request for further information on refunds can be sent to ttferries@gmail.com.

I’m going on vacation and would like to know if I can take my pet on the ferry?

Yes you may, provided that they are well secured in safe kennels/cages. You are required to obtain a ‘boat note’ from the Cashier on the day of travel for the animal.

What do I need to purchase ferry tickets?

You must have the names of the travellers and the name should appear on the ticket as they are stated on the Government issued photo identification. 

If you are booking for a senior citizen of Trinidad and Tobago (60 years and over), ensure you have a valid National Photo ID or T&T Passport.

My baby is just 6 months old and I notice that he can travel free. Is that really so?

Yes. Children under the age of three (3) travel free on the ferry; however, they MUST obtain a ticket for travel. Tickets for infants MUST be obtained at the time of purchase of the ticket for the accompanying adult.

Are there any limitations as to the type of goods that can be transported on the Cabo Star?

There are few restrictions, among these propane gases and flammable liquids. 

Are corpses accommodated on the vessel?

Yes, they can be accommodated on the vessels. However, the Health and Safety Office located at the Port of Spain and Scarborough Ferry Terminals must be notified in advance.  The corpse must be placed in an appropriate ‘container’ and in a vehicle for transportation.

I am building a house in Tobago and want to transport all building materials to the island. How can I do this?

Materials can be transported on trucks. The rates are based on the MGW (loaded) and the TARE weight (unloaded).

The cost of the Driver’s ticket is $37.50 (one way on the cargo vessel). An alternative is the rental of a flatbed; however, this should be done in advance.

How do I go about sending a 20ft. or 40ft. container?

The following are the costs associated with this service:

    • Cost of a flat bed for a 40’ container is TT $300.00 + TT$37.50 (VAT) (one way)
    • Cost of a lift for a 40’ container is TT$100.00 + TT$12.50 (VAT)  (one way)
    • Cost of a flat bed for a 20’ container is TT$150.00 + TT$18.75 (VAT) (one way)

Cost of a lift for a 20’ container is TT$100.00 + TT$12.50(VAT) (one way)

    • Cost of a trailer ticket  for a 40’ container is  TT$1,800.00 (one way)
    • Cost of a trailer ticket for a 20’ container is TT$1,300.00 (one way).
    • MGW of a 20ft. trailer is approximately 23,000 kg. – Cost (one way):  TT$970.00 + TT$121.25 (VAT) + TT$37.50 for the driver.
    • MGW for a 40 ft. trailer is approximately 34,000 kg. – Cost (one way):  TT$1,450.00 +  TT$181.25 (VAT) + TT$37.50 for the driver.

What is the procedure for making a Claim?

  • The incident /accident must be experienced on the vessel, or at the port compound – POS and Scarborough, Tobago.
  • Should there be a claim of missing bags, items: The Baggage Handler directs the Claimant to the Security Department to make a report. At this time an official claim can be submitted. If not, the Claimant is advised to submit documents within ten (10) days.
  • Should there be a claim of damages to vehicles OR person: The Officer on duty directs the Claimant to the Safety or Security Department. The necessary information and photos are taken by the Safety Department. At this time an official claim can be submitted in writing. If not, the Claimant is advised to submit documents within (10) days.
  • Persons submitting claims must attach their travel ticket stubs and the necessary luggage stubs.
  • The Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago/Trinidad and Tobago Inter-island Transportation Co. Ltd. is guided by Bye Law 51, made under Section 22 of the Port Services, (Dues Charges and Management) Ordinance which is subsidiary legislation to the Port Authority Act Chap. 51:01.