Fare and Ticket Costs

Fares and Ticket Costs

All persons traveling on the ferry require travel tickets.  However, the cost of travel varies based on the following:

  • Age of passenger
  • Whether a vehicle is being transported
  • Type of ferry used – passenger ferry/cargo ferry

The following table provides a summary of the ticketing costs and freight rates for light private vehicles, registered as private, rental or hired:

 Passenger FerryCargo Ferry
Type of TicketOne-WayReturnOne-WayReturn
Adults (12 years & above)$50.00$100.00$37.50$75.00
Children (3 years – 11 years)$25.00$50.00$18.75$37.50
Infants (2 years and under)FREEFREEFREEFREE
Senior Citizens  (Nationals of T&T 60 years & over)FREEFREENot applicableNot applicable
Vehicle$146.73$244.58Based on weightBased on weight

Trucks above 3,636kgs are not allowed on the passenger ferries.


 A driver MUST accompany the van on the respective sailing.

Freight rates for light vans/commercial vehicles registered as “T” vehicles, that are being transported on the ferries hereunder:

Van WeightsFreightVatTotalPassenger Ticket
(one way)
Passenger Ticket
( return)
910kgs – 1364kgs (2000-3000lbs)$50.00$6.25$56.25$106.25$212.50
1365kgs – 1818kgs (3000-4000 lbs)$60.00$7.50$67.50$117.50$235.00
1819kgs – 3636kgs (3000-4000lbs)$100.00$12.50$112.50$162.50$325.00


A car can be transported to/from Tobago without an accompanying driver ONLY on the cargo vessel – Cabo Star. This service is not available on the T&T Spirit, APT James, Buccoo Reef and Galleons Passage.

Car WeightsVehicle Only 
(one way)
Vehicle Only
910kgs – 3636kgs (2000-4000lbs)$150.00$300.00


A Ferry Ticket can be refunded only if it was not revalidated (changed), and its life has not expired. Any request for refund will attract a 25% penalty fee of the total cost of the ticket. The customer will be required to complete the “Request for Refund” form available at the Ferry Terminals.